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1st Festival of World Cultures From 23 to 25 September 2016 in Samoreau (Seine & Marne – France)

3 days and 2 nights of celebration. Le Monde makes its show with 200 artists from around the world.

A colorful festival that will transform Samoreau in an outdoor theater city … An immersion in a cultural heritage, intangible and magical, awaits the festival: music, songs and dances from all sources will evolve in a cheerful atmosphere colorful.

The program of the first “Festival of World Cultures” Samoreau, performances of artists from all backgrounds, but also film screenings, world dance workshops, world music, flavors of the world, parades fashion designers from elsewhere, exhibitions ….

A unique opportunity to travel and meetings for three exceptional days.

The organizers’ efforts and commitment of many volunteers, all attached to the unique spirit, friendly and daring of this celebration of cultures, are a guarantee of success for this first edition.

With its resolutely different and human character, the “Festival of World Cultures” is intended not only friendly via a prestigious program but also spectacular to dazzle you and carry you.

Support and spnsoriser the Festival of World Cultures is associate you with traditional, universal values ​​of shares represented by such an event likely to enhance both your participation and influence of the Festival.


About Project Creator:


The main objective of the Onya – World Cultures Association is to go to the meeting of world cultures and peoples with a focus on what humanity has more beautiful and more rich : its diversity.

Combining tourism, heritage, culture, traditions and artistic creation, Onya – World Cultures is a dating vector and artistic expression around cultural diversity.


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