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Just like every weekend, I am sitting in a tent on a summit of the highest mountain range in my home country. I am preparing tea, trying to warm up. It is about -10°C. The only thing I hear is the wind. When it slows down, I hear my camera shooting a 3 hour-long timelapse. I have plenty of time to think. I am delving into my thoughts. Why not to experience something new? Why not to visit new places? The dream of my childhood comes to my mind – the Faroe Islands and Scotland. And to shoot next episode of the “What I’ve seen” documentary series.

The aim of the “What I’ve seen” documentary is to visually and dynamically portray the impression a particular country has left on me. Each country is specific and it is exactly these specifications I want to pinpoint in the videos. The video is not about me as a traveler, it is about a country. It magnifies the atmosphere and the image of a country.

The next episode, this time from the Faroe Islands and Scotland, will be presented on numerous film and travel festivals all around the world, just like the episode from India is being presented at the moment. From the material collected from various countries, I also plan to create a full-length “What I’ve seen” document.

Why US?

We will be sleeping exclusively in a tent, because it offers you what cannot be experienced anywhere else. Thanks to a tent, you can see breathtaking sunrises on the most beautiful places and experience unforgettable atmosphere.

We are not spoiled and we dare to face any conditions:

We also persistent and willing to wait for the perfect shot – no matter what:

We are provided with full technical, traveling and expedition equipment:

We will eat modestly, perhaps even less:

Who are we?

P.pngPatrik Paulínyi

Successful Slovak professional film director and photographer. In 2014, I completed my master’s degree studies in Documentary Filmmaking. I have been actively devoted to filmmaking for more than 6 years now.

My creation is strongly affected by the love and affection for sport, nature and traveling – getting to know new places and people, their traditions and culture are my biggest inspiration.

My latest movie, “Just Go” became part of the Vimeo Staff Picks as (so far) the only movie shot by a Slovak director. It has literally spread all over the world, reached 300.000 views and has been presented on numerous film festivals in many countries.

Currently I am dedicating myself to creating video clips , advertisement and documentary films, which i filmed in different parts of the world, such as India, Japan, USA, Iceland, Norway, Spain, Morocco, Russia and many more… Traveling, meeting people, their culture and habits is my biggest inspiration for the future creations.

About Project Creator:

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Andrea Zahurancová

I represent a modest one-man production team of the “What I’ve seen” movie project. My responsibilities are the entire planning and preparation of the trip. Planning the route, flight tickets booking, renting cars as well as budget planning and compliance with it are all up to me.

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