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I am raising $3,000 to travel to Auroville India this November! Theatre director Jill Navarre invited me to develop my new project VEIL, a multimedia dance theatre piece featuring two sisters, and to choreograph her Shakespeare production of ‘King Lear’.

India …

In 1990, Jill and I traveled to Auroville India. I taught class and performed in her original play, and rode my moped to the ocean. Here I am sitting at Simone’s breakfast table. Auroville is an international community in southern Tamil Nadu, dedicated to human unity and peace. It was a profound experience on many levels.

Also the people I met in India connected me to others, bringing me a NYC rent-stabalized apartment, my beloved ballet teacher Zvi Gotheiner, and my first kitty, Mushin. How beautiful India has been. Last year Jill asked me to work with her theatre company, the Auroville Theatre Group. She has invited me several times, I am excited now to say yes!

‘VEIL’ …

Listening to the On Being  radio show about ‘thin places’ and developing a curiosity about my parents’ first child, collided to begin the project VEIL, 2015.

‘Quite mysterious and lyrical…very tender and heartfelt… A delicate gift…’
Dirk P, designer, former dancer

‘Thin Places’, a Celtic concept where heaven and earth meet, generally references a physical space in nature or a building such as a cathedral. For me thin places in a connection to oneself, to emotion and to another. I feel in these times one is connecting to the divine. Dressed in white, a sister imagines her relationship to an older sister she never met.

Jill …

Jill and I met in Washington DC, participating in a women’s festival, ‘Women Works’. Later Jill asked me to collaborate as a movement coach on her theatre project, ‘Rivers of Blood’. Ironically we were both nominated for ‘Best Director’ in the Washington Theatre Festival that year. It was an honor to receive the nomination, as the only non-speaking, movement piece.

Gifts …

All donations are welcome and appreciated. Also tax-deductible! They include original designed postcards; t-shirt; ticket to June 27 performance, as well as a photo wall of travels.
Thank you! if you would like to support this project, or learn more, please go to this IndieGoGo page:




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