UoN Africa Summit 2017


This is the first Africa Summit to be held in the East Midlands. We have decided to be bold in our delivery of the summit by focusing our theme on ‘Where is Africa Going?’ looking at the High Fives which are the five areas the African Development Bank has identified for development in Africa:

  1. Feed Africa
  2. Integrate Africa
  3. Industrialise Africa
  4. Improve the Quality and life of Africans
  5. Power Africa

This event is important as it gives potential leaders of the future the opportunity to meet high profile leaders in the development of Africa, become aware of not only issues affecting Africa but also solutions and most importantly contribute to the discussions that interest them.

In addition, this is important in helping the university to extend their footprint in Africa by opening up unexplored territories in academic interest, scholarship endowments and institutional partnerships for the University of Nottingham.
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