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When Godwin E. Enogeiru worked as a driver for Uber and Lyft, he realized these transportation companies were shortchanging the public and delivering slick sales gimmicks that were unethical and deceptive. To counter the transport companies, Godwin has founded Krooz Inc. As a founder and CEO of this peer to peer transportation network company, Godwin has reiterated the need for accountability and integrity in this business. He holds a BBA from Faulkner University in Alabama.

Dallas based Krooz Inc is born of grassroots experience and a hands on approach to creating the perfect transport solution for customers. Godwin and his team seek around US$500,000 for bringing the services of this one-of-a-kind transport solutions provider to a wider audience. Help the company grow and ensure last mile delivery when it comes to transport solutions that are reliable and authentic.

Godwin has based his work ethics on his experience as a driver and seeks to create a company that cares for both customers and drivers. Giving it his all, he is motivated to rise above the average transport companies and offer quality travel solutions to riders. Help Krooz reach new heights by supporting the crowdfunding campaign for this mobile app based travel solutions provider.
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