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The first swimwear in the world with more than two forms of posture. More color to your appearance.

Venezuela, April, 2016 – Doublex Inc. presents its first campaign called Ponly Rever, this is an innovative concept in swimwear reversible.

This project includes four models of reversible bathing suits will be on the platform Indiegogo for 45 days in order to raise $ 15,000 as an initial goal.

The creation of these models are an excellent standard of quality, 100% lycra fabric perfect for swimwear and finished well cared for preservation.

Users can choose different packages and price discounts presale before it exhausts its existence, besides this, the creators granted incredible gifts to reach goals established by them in exposed section of Big Goals, where the highest goal is $ 1,000,000, to give to users a suit additional bathroom for children with feature not reversible.

Geographical Limitations

This campaign is aimed at the global level, its partners get products on the stipulated date of manufacture and these will be sent to them to any country where they are.

All events and updates will be transmitted through social networks and through personal DoublexINC of its founders.

The future

In the future the creation of other models in bathing suits with the same reversible feature to be acquired in the form InDemand directly on the platform is raised.

Regarding upcoming DoublexINC ideas, they have raised several issues related to technology, design, tourism, literature, environmental care, among others…

About Project Creators:

Andrea Veliz, Lic. In Education and Fashion Design and

Pastor Alvarez, Lic. Social Communication and Graphic Design,
both are Venezuelan entrepreneurs, passionate about innovation and very eager to enlist the help of collaborators.

The money raised will go directly to the final production of swimwear models before being sent to their owners respectively.
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