The First Smart Home Care Camera Sends Face Alert


iCare FHD recognizes faces and sends out urgent 10-sec video alerts in seconds when help is needed.

icare is Amaryllo’s patent-pending technology and is the first smart home care and security camera with an urgent care transmitter for you and your loved ones. By pressing the transmitter, iCare FHD will send out urgent VIDEO care alerts* or snapshot notifications to all mobile devices connected to the camera. It can recognizes faces and will send Face Alerts to family members anywhere, anytime.  Campaign iCare FHD with subscription will enjoy a free upgrade to Platinum 365-day unlimited cloud storage.

* Urgent video alert is an innovative service that dispatches a 10-second video including a 3-second clip before the event occurred, so you can watch what happened before it happened! Video files are stored in Amaryllo Cloud for 3 days (10 GB storage space) and is free under subscription.

Excellent Full HD Quality

We employ high-quality optical lens and image sensors (used in your iPhone) to deliver excellent image quality without visual distortion. Video format is dynamically adjusted based on available bandwidth to avoid audio and video latency, allowing you to talk to your loved ones in real time.


1-Minute Setup

The patent-pending setup process takes about 1 minute if you know your WiFi password. Our app will guide you through the steps with a simple QR code scan.

Urgent Call Transmitter


Urgent Video Alert

The new Video Alert Feature enables all cloud subscription members to receive instant video push messages, after the audio and motion sensors of the camera are triggered.  We rewind the recorded video by 3 seconds so you can see what actually happened. A 10-second video alert will be sent to all registered family members anywhere, anytime. Amaryllo is the only company offering urgent video alert services.

Face Alert

True Two-Way Audio

The Amaryllo App

The Amaryllo App offers the most intuitive way to set up and control your camera. You can connect as many iCares and all other Amaryllo cameras just to one app.

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