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Have you ever felt bad about yourself playing phone all the time? You still have lots of work to do but you can’t hold yourself from looking at your phone. Highly connected society preoccupies us with continuous feedback and content. This is why life need a balance. Here is your solution. “The Equalizer” is the first smartphone that was designed to manage your online activities and try to balance your life with healthier real life activities.

Life need a Balance:It is obvious that we can’t get away from our smart phone. This tiny assistance in our pocket help us from wake up call in the morning till send us to sleep with our favorite songs. However, we still need to retain human activities in order to maintain relationship, building trust and get inspire by everything around us. Therefore, the compromising way of living in this digital ages is important. We can’t either live on online or offline world. Because both world are necessary for learning, living and connecting. Therefore, Balancing is a key! and this is how lives can be balance.


Easy switching Mode: The first smart phone that allows you to switch easily from “Online” mode to “Offline” mode. Allow your life to be “off” and “on” at the proper time.

An “Online” mode


In an “Online” mode, The Equalizer were design based on the top 4 functions that most-used in everyday life which are web browser, phone calling, camera and email. You can still go to your favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter via web browser.

An “Offline” mode


Tracking: all your usage are tracked to show how much time you spent on each social media and Tracking will warn you if it reaches the limit that is not healthy for your life.


Music: The best offline activity for your healthy life. Music can clam down your mind and reflect your emotion.

Synchronization mode


Life wouldn’t be the same. If you have ever experienced the situation where your friends or family are playing their phone while you together and this is bothering you. Here come your solution! The equalizer was programmed to switch to “offline” mode whenever two or more devices are close together.


Now they are working on sizing and design. This is its look and feel.




Rattiya Suphatanasilpa (Founder of GETLOOSE PROJECT) is a master degree student in MA Applied imagination in a Creative Industry at Central Saint Martin in London with backgrounds in industrial design and advertising for many years. Rattiya says “I started my career as an Art director in an advertising agency in Thailand. After winning a lot of international and domestic awards,

I decided to continue my further education in London.” In the creator’s own words: My project research on the addictive behaviour on social media in new generation where technology has been involve in many aspect of our life. Children grow up with tool that entertaining and helping them get through sad and happy moments. The line between online and offline world has merged together.

People prefer to text and talk digitally than face-to-face meeting. This lead to many problems. In the book “Reclaming conversation” written by Prof. Sherry Turkle at MIT, She compared this addictive behaviour with climate change.We have never realised that it ruin our sense of human bit by bit untill it reach to the certain point where we can’t turn back time. That’s why we need to do something before it is too late to change the situation.

Rattiya has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising £15,000 in order to bring the Equalizer to market.

You’ve read this far. You’re ready to support. THANK YOU! But everyone loves perks. Take a look at what they’ve got to offer!


Pledge £3- A Hug – They sincerely thank you and wish you all the best.

Pledge £29- Begin your balancing life – They really appreciate your big support. With this huge supporting, they will send you a special screen saver design which helps you spend less time on your computer. A first step of balancing life!

Pledge £199 – An Early Bird – Be the first fifty person in the world to own the first smartphone with an exclusive price. Includes – The equalizer (Off white color) – A set of earphone.

Pledge £259 – An original live life balance – Get The Equalizer original (off white color) and earphone set Includes – The equalizer (Off white color) – A set of earphone.

Pledge £299 – Limited Black edition – Be the first and only for limited edition color black. Be different and be bold for live. Includes – The equalizer (Black color) – A set of earphone.

Thank you so much for any help you’re able to give. And please forward this campaign to anyone you think may be interested and willing to help.
Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information:




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