The Astronomy Team based south of Tenerife in the scenic Canary Islands, is attempting a feat bigger than the freshly launched James Webb Space Telescope. The group of scientific professionals and astronomers is now attempting to bring the world’s largest public telescope to life. Seeking funds and support for this unique and innovative project on Kickstarter, the team is looking to make the skies and the stars accessible for just about everyone and any one.

The telescope will not only provide folks a chance to explore space, but also offer high quality/resolution imagery through an attached camera which functions 24/7. Making the impossible possible, this telescope is over 4.5 meters high and has a O’Hara E6 40 inch glass mirror created by Hamptom Controls, which is known for its collaboration on the world’s leading telescopes. HL Clausing Inc. which has previously worked with NASA is in-charge of placing Magna Brite 96% enhanced aluminum coating on the mirror. So, be prepared for spellbinding images and an telescope located 2200m above sea level of the crater of the Volcano Teide. With the capacity to change the way mankind sees space, the scope for this astronomy initiative to revitalize the science is tremendous. Help support this unique project and give it the push it needs to reach for the sky.
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