Survive a bush fire


Survive and feel safe in the fire shelter during bush fires, tested to+1000°C heat. NEVER seen before.

A Queensland company has invented an above ground fire shelter that has the potential to save many lives. It is a product designed in Australia for Australians who live in fire zones. This shelter is like no other on the market as it goes above and beyond the Australian fire shelter standards. The fire shelter has been tested to +1000C externally with no increase in temperature for 20 min internally. The construction of the shelter is so strong that it can withstand a cyclone 3, bush fires and firestorms.

The test of this shelter was conducted with the Rural Fire Brigade and the temperatures were recorded by the Queensland University of Technology as an independent third party. The test results were exceptional and all that is stopping this product from reaching those who need it is funding.

We, Tune and Ulla Johansen, have invented a fire shelter that you can survive in during a bush fire. The fire shelter is tested above and beyond the Australian standards. Other shelters already on the market have either not been tested, or only tested to the Australian standard.

It is hard to believe that in 2016 we can send people to the moon but still have not protected ourselves against the very real and increasing threat of bush fires, even though more and more people live in rural areas. When you live in a rural area it is important to ensure that you and your family will be safe in the event of a bush fire.

People loose their lives when caught in bush fires that are out of control, it just happened recently.This is avoidable through the use of non-toxic materials that has been used and tested over many years. Pumice is a natural insulator and we know it works, we are basically using nature’s own product to fight nature.

We aim for a simple and easy structure that is easy to build. This fire shelter has the potential to save lives in the bush fire zones, therefore it is important for us to get our product to the market as soon as possible.

​Safety of the World

Safety of the World is a newly started company developing and selling safety bunker kits made from heat and fireproof materials.

Safety of the World has the mission to provide the Australian market with a safety bunker that protects human lives against natural disasters.

As the climate becomes increasing unpredictable, the threat to a growing population becomes greater.

About Project Creator:

Ulla and Tune Johansen

Tune Johansen. I have worked as a developer in and around Brisbane Queensland/Australia. This line of work has given him the opportunity to develop an extensive network of contact with building suppliers, engineers, draft planners, certifiers, town planners, and trades people.

Tune Johansen has a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in the construction business in Australia and overseas. He has founded Safety of the World with the vision of enhancing fire safety for all.

Ulla Johansen has a Bachelor Degree in Business.She has been self-employed for the last 15 years and through this she has obtained all the necessary skills to run a successful business.


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