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Contrary to the legendary heresay, the TRUE story of St Patrick will leave you awestruck with fascination!

As screenwriter/founder of our project launch, we invite you to help launch the incredible true account of St Patrick — not to be confused with the ‘legend.With over a year of research in the writing ,and from best sources of information, please enable us to tell a’ story that needs to be told” !! Be a modern contributor to historical accuracy. We currently have our necessary freelance production crew,on call.

For conceptual purpose, we wrote/produced a brief ‘trailer’ which can be viewed on Youtube:

Patrick:Man of Faith” Teaser Trailer (1:10 second duration)

We have already implemented cost-saving measures to ensure completion.We also have abrief synopsis of our film script at:

Thanks for dropping by and be blessed wherever the journey takes you!
Risks and challenges

The primary advantage is that most of our production crew is freelance,therefore the scheduling can have its flexibility advantages. Plus, as mentioned earlier we have ‘alternate routing” in terms of utilizing less expensive methods of creating scene/filming through digital methods.We even have different filming location possibilities,in case of some unforeseen weather/logistical challenge

About Project Creator:

Todd Haylock

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I’m Todd Haylock, a freelance screenwriter who developed Eternal Hope Productions as a ‘launch pad’ for our script-to-complete film effort.

I wrote/produced/directed 2 film shorts,one in 2012 (“Uncommon Sense”) and one in 2013 (“RELEASE DATE”).

But my current effort of emphasis is seeking production of a feature film biographical screenplay on the incredible life of St Patrick of Ireland.

Link to the Project:




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