Solar Charger for mobile which clips on your cap


Mobile energy for smart users on the move

COSP the clip on solar power system, head mounted power, connect your mobile to the USB female and power is available for anyone on the move.

I want to bring free energy to every one who walks this Planet.

This product could quickly effect a lot of people around the world. Cheap to manufacture and spreading the green word on to the street. How will winning Pitch to Rich change your business With investment help and marketing from the COSP system will quickly gain recognition as the ultimate solution for people needing serious power on the move for their Smart phone and other electrical devices.Sport training systems. health monitoring systems, personal event monitoring and personal lighting

I deserve to win because this product will bring energy to people who need it very badly There seems a gradual disinterest in the 3rd World during the austerity period ‘let them drown’ I hear them say. about the middle eastern people trying to cross to Europe from Libya Well a product like COSI, can be off sourced and bring development in their own country and perhaps greater communication and return to prosperity and respect in these downtrodden Countries.

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