Sigment is the world’s first smart luminous cycling vest. Designed by cycling enthusiast and innovator Francisco Javier Lobato Raposo, this is one amazing accessory for cyclists who want a smooth, seamless and secure ride. Now, the vest which is bluetooth enabled and LED light equipped, signals when you turn left or right. Pedestrians and traffic alike will be warned of your approach and its advanced visor system protects you from glares. The vest also has eco-friendly LED lights arranged to give the widest exposure in terms of surface area and signal your presence to others on the road from afar. This vest signals when you stop and illuminates your route. It warns others and has a brake-light through the accelerometer remotely connected to control the speed. With a turn of the remote on the handlebar, the rider can signal the front or back of the vest to light up. Have complete control over safety outcomes while cycling using this innovative riding must-have accessory which is waterproof and resilient, riding with you every step of the way.
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