Septiplier :The Game


CreamPOP Studios presents Septipliers a game featuring YT legends Markipleier and JackSepticEye in a virtual conundrum where they sacrifice every living soul they love to live on the internet. As they battle new demons and old, there’s little doubt that Jack and Mark are on an exciting adventure. Sold on the idea of making a virtual gaming solution that captures games for each year these YouTube characters have lived, the game is innovative to say in the least. Traversing the inside of the internet is an experience YouTubers and gamers alike will cherish. Help support this fascinating virtual ride into the unknown with as many as 5 multiple surprise endings for any of the characters you choose to play. So are you ready to let the games begin? Join in and support CreamPOP’s financing on the Kickstarter platform today and watch the fun take on a whole new level, waking up to the infinite possibilities of the virtual world.
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