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Project NOR, a game based on teamwork and coordination.


Project NOR is an online multiplayer FPS game that puts a big emphasis on working as team. Rather than killing other players to win, you can stun, use emps, spawn blockades, or teleport players. These mechanics have been made in such a way that attempting to be a one man army will be guaranteed to fail. You absolutely need teammates to coordinate and strategize with. Moving in pairs of two is a minimum. Teams colours are also randomly chosen per match in order to prevent possible disadvantages of certain colours making opposing players more visible.

Your goal in Project NOR is to successfully complete the objective at hand, using what you have available to you merely as tools for your success.

An example snippet from the Kickstarter page “These mechanics make some new problems for players to figure out in common situations, and these problems can only be solved with teamwork. For example, if one player encounters two enemy players, said player could in theory stun both players. The problem, is that both players are in the same location they were before, and can continue pursuit after their stun is over. The lone player could also teleport one of the enemy players, but again, you run into the problem where you’d still have a player able to pursue you until your teleport cooldown is over. If you remain in a group of two at minimum, you’ll have a better chance in battles. This will require teamwork and coordination.”

The game is fundamentally about communicating with your allies as much as possible in order to figure out how to trump the enemy team, who is also trying to strategize an opposing plan.

Project NOR is on Kickstarter in order to raise funds for dev hardware, and cover initial server costs.

There are plans on releasing to Steam (PC), Wii U, and Xbox One by summer 2016.

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