Hero Hoodies – A quest to make the perfect Hoody

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We create smart, fitted, reversible Hoodies for men. All made in England to the highest standard, using the finest materials.

Hero Hoodies is pleased to announce the launch of its long awaited crowdfunding campaign which aims to raise funds for its first product, the perfect hoody.

The idea started over 16 months ago when founder of Hero Hoodies, Domenico Arenare began re-designing the hoody from scratch. Domenico and his team have now finished the design process and have created something that sits between a hoody and a suit jacket.

Hero Hoodies have now turned to Kickstarter to help manufacture its perfect hoody idea and make it available to the male market globally. They aim to raise £30,000 over the next thirty days in order to make this product a reality.

Each hoody has been designed to look smart, fit appropriately and they are all reversible. The company pledge that all will be manufactured to a very high standard in the UK and they promise to only use the finest materials.

The team behind Hero Hoodies have also teamed up with graphic artist Maria Tiurina. Together they have created limited edition linings which give the hoodies an added edge.

The crowdfunding campaign is off to a good start as it has raised over £11,000 of its £30,000 target within 2 weeks of being launched.


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