Remover of bacteria and germs – Bakterkiller


Remover of bacteria and germs – Bakterkiller

Who we are?

We are people, who like cleanliness. That’s why we think that all of our supporters will want to have a such device which can help you to  get rid of bacteria.

Our dangerous neighbours – bacteria

Did you know that every 60 seconds, a worker comes into contact with more than 30 objects that may be contaminated with bacteria or viruses that cause infectious diseases? According to the latest studies it was found that the surface of a desktop, computer keyboards, a mouse, or telephone handset are the main carriers of harmful bacteria, because people touch them more often. They are in fact more polluted than the toilet seat in the bathroom.

London scientists scanned 33 keyboards and revealed that four of them are a potential health hazard, while one had five times as many germs as a toilet seat in the bathroom of the same institution. During the tests, which were conducted in January, one of the experts participating in the study, sent a keyboard selected at random, for analysis.

It was found that the number of bacteria on it exceeds the maximum acceptable limit by 150 times. Researchers say that the cause of this state of the keyboard is that people often eat while working on their computer and bits of food fall in between the keys, which then become infested with microbes. Another reason is the failure to comply with the elementary rules of hygiene, in particular, the need to wash your hands after using the toilet.

But how can you protect yourself from this attack of microbes? Is it possible to get rid of these dangerous creatures?

Now there is a solution, its called «BakterKiller». BakterKiller – is a unique device that kills 99.9% more bacteria, can you imagine?! Now there is no need to worry while working on your computer or using the phone or even public doorknobs – now you can get rid of these dangerous bacteria that destroy one’s health and general wellbeing. There is no need now to worry that when your child goes to the computer to look for a cartoon, he or she will start sneezing from allergies. Now there is no need to be concerned that some virus or bacteria will impact your health and cause some diseases.

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