Release The Funk!


Funkadrill, Bringing back the sound of the 70s Funk era.

Give The Drummer Some!”

Living legend, Neftali (Funkadrill) Santiago makes a dramatic return with “Release The Funk”.

Comedian Sinbad calls it the best funk he’s heard in years.

Author and music credit Rickey Vincent says “The cream rises to the top”. Unbelievable funk!

Funk U magazine says “Release the Funk could by record of the year.”

Funkadrill pulls out all the stops on what he calls his Collector Series”. The singles “Release The Funk” and “Funkadrillic Rhythm” are funk at its best. The two singles are sure to become future classics butFunkadrill didn’t stop there. Santiago went deep into his tape vault and assembled a double albums worth of pure funk that features the late great Garry Shider and Cordell Boogie Mosson from P-Funk as well as Dougie Rodrigues from Mandrill and Betty Davis fame.


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