QuenchBot Smoothie Robot


Automated Self-Serve Fresh Smoothie Machine

Meet QuenchBot – a patent pending robotic machine that contains fresh fruits and vegetables to build you a fresh smoothie on-demand! We’re looking to raise funds to build our first prototype!

How it Started:

As a busy Software Developer for Microsoft, I often struggled with keeping up with my personal commitments: working out, time with family, sleeping enough, and most of all, eating! Nutrition is essential to keep us healthy and functional, yet it’s the one of the areas that gets our least attention. Why is that? Well, because eating right is time consuming and takes a lot of effort! We just don’t have the time anymore with our busy schedules. I wanted to change that. I decided to build a quick and easy way to get healthy foods with optimal nutrition into our bodies: fresh fruits and vegetables! Yuck you say? Well, how about I blend them to make you a mouthwatering (and still healthy) juice or a smoothie? :)​

How It Works:

  • Walk upto a machine and choose the drink you want from a digital menu.
  • Customize (add, remove, increase, decrease) your ingredients.
  • Pay with your credit card.
  • The Smoothie Robot will collect all the ingredients in a cup, blend it and hand it to you!

How It’s Different

Compared to Smoothie Shops, QuenchBot has:

  • 100% fresh ingredients. Many smoothie shops use concentrates as some ingredients.
  • The potential to be access anytime. Smoothie shops have fixed hours.
  • The ability to be installed in many locations that don’t have space for a shop
  • A fully customizable menu.

Compared to other Smoothie Machines, QuenchBot has:

  • Transparent panel to see the ingredients and their freshness
  • Ability to build your own drink
  • Lots of variety
Compared to Bottled Drinks, QuenchBot:
  • Uses fresh fruits and ingredients
  • Creates a drink on-demand on-the-spot

QuenchBot Locations

Imagine a smoothie shop in a box. If you have space to install and manage a large vending machine, QuenchBot is yours! Businesses who can benefit from the machine are the ones looking to:

  • Expand their drinks options
  • Add healthy palatable choices
  • Adopt new technology and automation
  • Reduce maintenance and other costs (self-serve)
Ideal Locations to install QuenchBot:
  • School cafeteria
  • Corporate kitchens
  • Gym
  • Grocery stores
  • Coffee shops, Cafes, Restaurants
  • Transit centers
  • Malls

Team Members:

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