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Ortis Must Go! a project by British Ghanaian filmmaker Pamela Sakyi, is a compelling journey of one man to explore his roots through the prism of his culture and language. His mother’s language, the rich and colourful Twi, is dying out within the diaspora along with other Ghanaian languages. Rather than letting Ghanaian culture be lost in translation, Presenter Ortis Deley sets out to preserve it.

Twi is one of several Ghanaian languages that many second and third generation Ghanaians within the diaspora are losing touch with. The money generated from this project on Kickstarter will be spent to produce a sequel to “British Ghanians: Lost in Translation.” An award-nominated feature length documentary, which tackles the issue of Language Endangerment, regarding the fate of Ghanaian languages amongst the British Ghanaian community. As British Ghanaians lose their understanding and fluency of their languages, they risk losing the connection to their cultural heritage and identity. The film is a powerful narrative that has received official recognition by the West African Film Festival 2016, the Galway African Film Festival 2016 and a ‘Best Documentary’ nomination by the Africa International Film Festival 2016.

The aim of this project is to revive Ghanaian language fluency and keep the beauty and legacy of Ghanaian languages alive across the diaspora in the UK and beyond. This independent project is a deep exploration of cultural preservation by British Ghanaian documentary filmmaker Pamela Sakyi, Director of her own Media Production company SparkleLight Productions. Throughout her career spanning over 12 years, she has worked with established groups such as BBC London, Water Aid, Film Education and Ericsson.

Within 50 years, it is estimated that half of the 7000 languages in the world will die out. Pamela and her team are determined that Ghanaian languages must not meet the same fate. This project is a culmination of their deep motivation to preserve these languages and an ancient culture.
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