One Backpack = Education for Kids & Jobs for Artisans


Gabriel Ruiz was born in Tarija, Bolivia. Here, he saw the plight of students at his night school, when he observed a majority of these were laborers and artisans who struggled to make ends meet. Motivated to help them access a better future, Gabriel secured a scholarship to a US university and obtained an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. Fueled by his desire to help those in need in Bolivia, he started a social entrepreneurial venture and Bolieve was born.

Bolieve partners Bolivian NPO CETHA to help kids access education and a brighter future, by selling handbags and backpacks as well as bracelets and other distinctive items handcrafted by Bolivian artisans and use the proceeds of each sale to educate 25 children back home.

Additionally, Bolivian artists get a chance to display their immense skill and talent and create distinctive and unique pieces, crafted with the finest leather and the most intricate Bolivian artistry. Each unique piece carries the legacy and heritage of the artisan who has created it. Gabriel draws immense satisfaction from knowing that his social welfare venture is aimed at making a better world and helping artisans and children access a brighter future. Help Bolieve and fulfill Gabriel’s mission by extending your support on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.
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