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Join the movement – help us create the beautiful, HOT, and sex-positive erotic films you crave!

My name is Kit Murray Maloney and I am the founder and CEO of O’actually, the only online company determined to heal the world by enhancing women’s sexual pleasure.
Our unique three pronged approach, as a resource center, product promoter, and provider of adult entertainment that is by women for women, is holistic in scope and largely successful in practice.
We like to think of ourselves as the Deepak Chopra of The Adult Entertainment Industry for women.  Where Deepak shows people how to meditate to improve their lives, we show women how to have genuine orgasms to improve their lives.


We’ve been featured on The Huffington Post, Glamour, Marie Claire, CNBC and Fast Company, to name a few.


As society opens its eyes to the power and importance of equality in the bedroom we desire to create the visual reality of this shift. As such, we have launched an Indiegogo Campaign running through Nov 16 2015 to produce 3 erotic films packed with hot sex, captivating diverse characters, and believable plot lines, all focused on maximizing pleasure for the viewers and performers alike. You can check out all the details here: http://www.oactually.com/indiegogo/


O’actually is incredibly fortunate to have found its ideal collaborators and partners in Lex Sloane and Ms. Maxine Holloway.  These talented women have been forging their own path in the sex-positive adult world in their own way.


Ms. Maxine Holloway is an adult film performer, filmmaker and pleasure artist. Her adult performances have earned her an XBIZ Award for ‘Best Feminist Release 2015’, and an AVN nomination for ‘2015 Best All Girl Group Scene’. Holloway is certified in HIV/STI Prevention, and has her masters degree in public health from SF State University. Much of her activism and policy work focuses on the health and safety of sex workers.


Together, we will create orgasm-inducing artistic masterpieces that will help change the landscape of adult entertainment for the better. We are thrilled to create adult films that will be beautiful and sexy, approachable and inspiring, stimulating and appealing – all at once.


About Project Creator:

Kit Murray Maloney

Following her Masters in Gender and Social Policy from the London School of Economics the founder, Kit Murray Maloney, committed to channeling her passion for gender equity into a celebration of women’s sexual pleasure.

She launched O’actually to promote creative, beautiful, HOT and erotic films, art, and literature celebrating female sexual pleasure. Because genuine female orgasms heal and better the world.

She recently spoken on many podcasts including, Modern Love, Bold, and Rachel Rofe’s A Better Life to discuss O’actually and celebrating women’s pleasure.  She’s also written for the Huffington Post and has been quoted in Marie Claire, Bitch Magazine, Glamour and Fast Company.  Check out who else has been talking about O’actually on our Press Page. Visit site





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