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When designer babies are the next big thing, are we defined by our perfections or our imperfections?

What is MODIFIED :

“”Modified is a film that foretells the possibility of a world controlled by vanity””

Modified is a short film produced by up-and-coming filmmakers, hard working individuals who are determined to get their names out in the industry through festivals and are going to do so through making this film MODIFIED. They all come from different backgrounds and from all around the world (England, USA, India, Switzerland, Philippines) but all met at the Met Film School in London where they started working together. With all the projects they’ve done their passion for film has strengthened and now they have begun the newest project, MODIFIED. Written by Mia Frigieri-Baldwin who is also the director,MODIFIED gives you the power to design a human being. It is an app created by Gene and Damian Harper that allows you to design your own child’s physical attributes. It gives you the freedom to determine the eye colour, hair type, teeth brightness, and other features your newborn will posses.

This unexplored sci-fi concept also manages to cover current social issues including vanity, morality and technology. The unique story is one that has the potential to be amazing and groundbreaking if executed well, but question is, will they get the budget they need? Have a look at their kickstarter campaign ( and donate if you think this message is worth telling.

Gene and Damian, the creators, decide to order their first child. They are the most vain couple, priding themselves on having the most beautiful apartment, the best looking partner and now they want to go for the next step; the gorgeous child. However, Gene begins to have doubts and second guesses the application and all she stands for. When all her life has been dedicated to creating the child of her dreams, Gene struggles to comprehend the increasing moral struggle she is now left to face. Her husband, Damian, truly believes that this app is making people happy, though as Gene changes, the dynamic of their relationship starts falling apart and the cracks begin to show…

Modified team assures that all of the money received will be used to its full potential. They have sourced most of the equipment for free and already have a small budget but this is no where near enough to get the film on its feet. The money received from kickstarter backers will carry them through all the way up until post production..

About The Team :

Mia Frigieri-Baldwin- Director/Writer.

Mia has lived and been educated in London all her life. Currently, Mia is studying at the Met Film School to further her knowledge and skills in filmmaking. She’s been involved in a few productions as the Cinematographer since camera and lights are a great passion of hers. For this project, she is really excited about directing as it is her own story due to her love for the combination of writing and directing. She is extremely passionate about this project as she believes it is a story that needs to be told. She wrote this script one year ago but has been waiting for the right time to put it into pre- production. Now that time is here, she hopes to have your support so that this film can finally come to life.

Cassandra Domingo- Producer.

Cassandra started her training in the Philippines back in 2011 and since then have worked as a producer on a number of shorts, a documentary and an award winning feature film. She moved to London just under a year ago to broaden her horizons and to learn from different people all over the world. She’s currently a student at the Met Film School and is taking up a BA degree. She has said that producing in Asia and producing in Europe are two completely different experiences, which explains her love of being a student again. It has helped her adapt to the changes and connected her to people within the industry, humbling her with the reminder that there is always something new to learn. She has every intention to keep pursuing her goals and wants to bring dreams, love, hope and joy to people all over the world through her films.

Anthony Toma- Producer.

Anthony Toma is an individual with a background in Law however he decided to depart from that career path in order to pursue his passion of filmmaking. He has now been a production assistant on multiple projects, the most recent being a short film executive produced by Ian Mckellan and Stephen Fry. He has also produced a music video and another short-film entitled ‘The Guardian’, which he is looking to take to festivals. Anthony is an avid fan of the sci-fi genre and looks forward to ensuring that the production values reach the level that is required to create a world of this nature.

Laura Gallop- Director of Photography

Laura is a keen and hardworking young professional, looking to make her way in the camera/lighting department. She has worked on a low budget feature (Playing Dead) as best boy, and many music videos and shorts as gaffer. She has had experience as a dailies camera trainee as part of a few 2nd unit camera departments. She has also worked as director of photography on many short films, and has an interest in art film too. Some of her proudest films have gone into film festivals around the UK and she has much the same expectation for this film.

Subhro Das- Assistant Director.

Subhro is usually a director however being a 1st AD is also a passion of his. He currently resides in London but grew up in India and the United States. He is tremendously excited about Modified because although running the floor of a complex shoot is a challenge, he enjoys the pressure and having the responsibility of keeping everyone on their toes. He looks forward to working with the director and collaborating to bring out the true potential of this unique and unexplored concept.

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