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The 21st century is the age of technological evolution and the procession of social networks. The massive diffusion on the Internet has wiped out the limits of information allowing people to communicate and share throughout the world in one click.

I realized that important number of web users who constantly seek to make known their company or again to sell their products and services, to rent their chalet or sell their car. Another category seeks to achieve savings by means of the fares offered by the internet. Others seek how Internet can provide them a source of income working from home.

The time has gone its way to lead to a conclusion, Internet has drastically evolved and now it offers to the world countless and limitless opportunities. I have find a way, an idea to take advantage and benefit the maximum of people equally the international companies, the SME and the private individuals.

With my strong background in the world of work in running companies, I could develop, in parallel during the last 15 years, companies in the direct sale and I have developed a computer literacy that I have acquired year after year.

MixMedia Service provides access to viral advertising:

This market is 524 billion dollars worth in 2015 and it is on a steady progression. Advertising agencies are in progress every trimester, year after year. In 2013, the sale of advertising in real time (RTB) was 23% worth of the market and in 2015, it is 55% worth which sums up to 15 billion dollars yearly solely in the USA. For the 2016, the projections are on track to reach 63% of online media market.

MixMedia is a new revolutionary advertising solution like the Wheel of the Fortune that turns non-stop acting as a huge traffic ensuring to their clients visibility on the Web.

Risks and Challenges:

The Risk in our niche is you can find hundred and hundred Online Media Agency and it could be difficult to take a good percentage of the Online Media Market. This is why we decided to focus in a RTB revolution who is more difficult to access to it and is more powerful because all the Online International companies, SMEs and people work from home will have the chance to target their market and customers and get real results.

Our Challenge is to the most powerful RTB Trading Adverting Platform and we will need to work with our Traders and team to get very good result. In 2015 the RTB it is one of the powerful tool advertisment laverage technitique used of the Web.

About Project Creator:

Martin Brochu

My career has started as a financial consultant. Born in Canada and over the past 20 years, my professional background enabled me to become a good speaker and analyst. I has been able to refine my financial education to a highly technical standard improving my knowledge scope in the world of work and employers management which complete years of international experience of free initiative.

In 2000, I added a new string to my bow and evolved in the finance sector in luxury hotels and catering. Many years have passed in the management and direction of many companies, I has got the capacity to simplify the complex scenarios and settle them. I, therefore, could combine my experience and winning attitude with the competitive advantages. Since 2008, all my skills have been developed thanks to Internet. I could surround myself with outstanding, exceptional professionals who excel in their sectors.


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