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Meet Smart Cube, the ultimate solution for keeping your private belongings safe and sound. Whether you are a parent with inquisitive children, or a college roommate fed up of his friends accessing his secret stash, this tamper proof, Bluetooth enabled portable locking system is just what you need. Smart Cube is a locking system that utilizes smart technology and is made of lightweight fiber filled ABS polycarbonate. It is easy to use because all you need is the activation dongle.

There’s no need for keys and latches. This locking system can be installed anywhere from your cabinet to your closet with the minimum of fuss. All you need to do to open the lock is press a button on your smartphone courtesy the Smart Armor app that lets you manipulate this portable lock from anywhere. Say goodbye to your worries with this portable locking system and bring about a new technological solution to the age old problems. This fantastic locking system needs your support on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Help Smart Armor Tech put together this amazing locking system and make life simpler for thousands of users.
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