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LMTLS is about providing high quality, creative products to an audience of motivated people.

We started out with a simple goal: Find a quality, stylish watch at an affordable price.

As you may have guessed, we were unsuccessful. The watch prices ran into the hundreds (for an average looking watch). Unfortunately for them, this motivated us to bring an affordable stylish watch to the market.

Over the past year we have worked closely with a local designer and a top international watch manufacturer, with over 10 years of experience in the watch industry.

Using our creativity and their expertise we designed and built a new watch from the ground up, paying close attention to every detail. LMTLS Watches is not just another watch brand. We know there is nothing like LMTLS watches on the market.

We have scaled back all non-essential costs by working directly with our manufacturer (bypassing the “middleman”) on every aspect of the watch. This has enabled us to provide an extremely competitive price whilst maintaining the highest of quality.

About LMTLS Watches:

LMTLS watches (pronounced “Limitless”) was created when we struggled to find a stylish and uniquewatch at an affordable price. Watch prices ran into the hundreds. This motivated us to create elegant timepieces with all of these qualities.

Our goal is to create a win win situation between our customers and ourselves. This means our customers receive high-quality products that don’t break the bank which in turn enables us to continue to grow our brand. We have big goals and believe the potential is limitless.

We believe that everyone has the ability to be extraordinary at anything in life; all that is needed is proper planning and execution. This product is for the entrepreneurs, the dreamers and those who have the big goals in life.

When coming up with a brand, we wanted something our backers could aspire to. We wanted to transfer all these values into a product. LMTLS was created – without end, limit or boundary.

About Project Creator:

William McClure and Marcus Sos

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We are two males in our mid 20’s, we have shared an interest in business from a young age. We went to the same schools played in the same rugby team as kids.
More recently we are finishing our studies and starting full time work we have put most of our resources and spare time into creating this project.

This project started for us watching a UK tv show called Dragons Den on BBC we saw people show casing there products in front of the “dragons” (investors). We started researching all things business, sharing articles reading biographies, reading about how business’s were created.

One of the best biographies I have read is one by Duncan Bannatyne titled anyone can do it. This is the message we want to give people with our brand we want to encourage people to push their limits. In saying that we have learned a whole lot on this journey but we are still learning all the time. Our other main goal was to create a win, win for us and our backers.
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