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Liberty Mail, hopes to stay the most private, secure, and easy-to-use e-mail service on the internet.

LibertyMail is a private initiative that takes back what we lost: our privacy. Because before email existed, nobody read and stored our letters, faxes or phone calls and if it did happen it was for a very targeted and serious reason.

We — the LibertyMail team— know that this is not going to change everything and put all back in order again. Security is a continuous improvement process, rather than something that you can achieve all at once and then lay back and rest.

Just have a look at the features section on the LibertyMail website and you can see that there’s much more than what other providers usually offer. Because other encrypted emails providers offer only that: encryption. When privacy actually needs much more than only encryption. Let me enumerate just few of them:

  • No need of personal data to bill customers
  • No storage of customers details
  • Available only by invitation
  • Auto-destroy feature for emails you want to
  • Password protected emails
  • Identity checks before email is shown to receiver
  • Encrypted storage 2FA authentication (both with GA or Yubikey)
  • Decentralized servers based in Switzerland

When it comes to privacy, it’s all about freedom: of speech, of belief, of doing or not doing and so on. So here we are adding our bricks to this building that is freedom, help us to spread the world and fund this project. Because it is not for us, it is for all people who cares about privacy and freedom.


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