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Cherish These Words was derived from the heart of Christopher Jones after his step sister passed away and the trauma it caused her fiancee due to several factors from religious conflict of burial method, to the inability to adequately find a solution to still feel close to the love of his life. When you see all Cherish These Words has to offer you will agree it was long overdue.

Christopher Jones (Project creator) was born June 26, 1988 and got married August 21, 2009. He says “Although I struggle a lot I have not lost site of the hope i have within me for a brighter tomorrow. I will never give up and I know that no successful individual has not at least struggled at some point in their life. That struggle is what creates the drive for change and that change I plan to share with the entire world and improving society as a whole using all my talents.”

Cherish These Words Offers

  • Ability to create your family tree
  • Ability to leave a lasting legacy
  • Innovative way to learn family medical history
  • Personalized visual + audio message
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Customized portable products and services

In the creator’s own words: My step sister died a couple years ago and her fiancee was truly in love with her. Due to the circumstances revolving around her death i really wanted to help him out as well as the children she had with her ex husband. I also wanted to help other individuals with both similiarcircumstances as well as other stories that could benefit from both the services i have to offer and the product that will be disclosed in a few days (is being sent into the USPTO next week).

With the help of donations this project that is near and dear to my heart will not only become a reality but also be able to help individuals in similiar circumstances. Individuals who are in the military and want to put information about themselves up for the worst case scenario so their children can get to know them better than just word of mouth but rather through themselves. Other stories that can benefit from this is those individuals who become orphans and know nothing about their family medical history as well as those who know their family but do not feel comfortable asking their family members about their medical history.

Some other benefits are the product will both save money to families, help find a middle ground between those who are avid against burials and those who are avid against cremation by allowing a way that will satisfy both parties while also ensuring that we are able to provide more land for years to come to help protect our earth. Another benefit being that we will be planting a tree for every purchase of the product which the individual would select the type of tree they want planted from a normal tree to a fruit tree. Fruit trees will help feed the homeless, while providing oxygen as well. As well as this helps to create a lasting legacy.

Christopher Jones has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $250,000. The fund raised will be used to find a manufacturer to cut the costs of the product which currently will run between $300-800 per unit based on designs and selections through the development process of the customized product based on needs. This also covers the costs of their services.

Extra funds will go towards better designs, land to plant the trees on in the initial stages as well as help to improve the functionality of the company and its mission to benefit the public and help the environment for years to come.

CO-FURN GARDENS Invented By Christopher Jones

Co-Furn Gardens (Pronounced KaFurn Gardens) is a portable, ecologically friendly and customized invention with the use of various wood, paint, add-ons and plants/seeds to customize your way of honoring your loved ones and to remember them for the days to come. The parts that make this possible are you have three sections which are all customize-able and give options to the individual which all go together. The first part being the wooden piece which is basically a wooden box with a smaller wooden box with top piece to hold ashes of a loved one, a photo or whatever you need to use to help you through the death of a loved one. This acts as the various stages of what we are used to being death, funeral, wake, burial and so forth all in one based on the height of the dirt placed within. You figure that 0% dirt would be similar to a wake, 25%-50% would be similar to a funeral or mausoleum type of design and 100% covered over center piece would be similar to a burial. Now the center piece being in the middle allows the ability to plant flowers around your loved one which enables you the ability to have a memorial garden as well as the urn and coffin like design.

Now the second part which connects to the first and is option able attachment is a solar energy panel that stores solar energy to be able to create a playback of an audio recording by pressing a button of a loved one talking, favorite song and so forth whatever is the desired wish of the individual user. This will make it so a person can hear the recording for a long time within a family and enable the ability for loved ones to possibly hear their great grandmother’s voice even if they never met her for example or do not remember her voice for years to come. With another option of adding to this piece a projector like addition that will enable the ability to see a loved one or hand signs if you are deaf depending on what they want to do. This way it’s universally good for everyone both hearing and unable to hear.

Now the benefits of this invention other than being portable and making it easier to keep loved ones near you and close to your heart is it gives back land to the public for use in whatever we need as we continue to run out of space in this world and need to find innovative ways to get back land for farming and supporting our human race. This enables you the ability to remember the voice of your loved ones longer, can be used for anyone you love for generations to come. This lets you remember them in a unique way, helps those with psychological issues to resolve them. This is also more beneficial for military families who cannot acquire their loved ones body/remains to help them through their traumatic time.

Thank you so much for any help you’re able to give. And please forward this campaign to anyone you think may be interested and willing to help.
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