ICE The Movie – Chapter 1


In a world where ordinary people do extraordinary things, everyone has a true purpose in life.

ICE – Chapter 1 & 2 are based on the true story of Joseph D Fisher. It follows the trials and tribulations that he had to go through to find out his true purpose in life. His experiences are relatable to the experiences of the average citizen growing up in America today, but there is a twist to this story that will leaving you craving for more.

My name is Joseph D Fisher. I am the writer and director of ICE – Chapter 1 & 2. I have a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and was a former SWAT trained police officer. I am currently an actor/director and producer. I have starred on TV shows such as The Daily Show, Billy on the Street, Hack My Life, For My Man and more. I can be researched at This will be my directorial debut but don’t be shy just because of that, just ask Jordan Peele. I have been around and worked with a plethora of great writers and directors to not only learn what goes on in front of the camera but behind the camera as well.  I can’t give you to much more of a background because this film is about me and that would just tell you the whole film before you even see it. Now that would be no fun!
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