GG’s launch to animation


From black and white comics to now full colored animation, your donations will bring GG to life. GG goes to television!

GG was created via social media 2 years ago and has been a worldwide phenominon since. She is no imatation of anything or anyone.  She’s a mother , grandmother , guardian, advocate , prosecutor, and friend. Socially conscious and a lover of God. All know her as GG. Her name is Nadine Roberson . Once married , her husband and close friends were killed in a tragic accident , she vowed to raise and protect her best friend’s daughters ( Marcella and Shanice). She later adopted Lenita and Randy after saving them from a burning elevator. She speaks her mind , loves her family and community. From tragedy to triumph…to TV!! This is GG !!


Marcella was closer to GG than Shanice growing up. She heeded to GG’s wisdom and advice more willingly than Shanice.GG also advised Marcelld not to judge a man according to what’s on the outside . But, judge his inner core self. Marcella was not as fortunate as Shanice to be left an inheritance. Instead , she bust her butt to reach her goals. She’s intelligent , beautiful , and loves family and her man. Sometime Marcella can be naive as illustrated in the Marcella series. She is CEO of her own marketing consulting firm. But, inside just i likes her life simple.



Shanice , the rebel of the family , always bumped heads with GG early on in the series. She’s a couple of years younger than Marcella , was spoiled as a child and insisted on having her way. Her parents left her a substancial amount of money in which she used portion of it to open a interior design business. Attractive , selfish, money driven was how she began early in the series until an event happened that would change her life, and her heart for the better.


 A few year ago… GG rescued a young Tomboy and her little brother from an elevator fire. Since then , Lenita and Randy have been under GG’s protection , love and care and was excitedly welcomed into the family. She looks up to Marcella and Shanice, loves books and sports. Lenita’s real parents are unknown. The youngest of the GG girls , she’s bright ,beautiful and Kind to others. She’s also insecure and must deal with the abuse of a bully at her high school. GG helps Lenita discover a deeper power within herself which in time will change her destiny forever.


66’s little protector. The girl’s’ “Little man” Randy appeared in the 66 strips before the other family. Bold , witty, highly intelligent and out spoken. Rarely has remained a 44 favorite his sister, Lenita always to his aid to  fend off bullis Randy later possesses the knowledge and strength to face his fears. Always in conflict with teachers and sent to the principal’s office. His role is crucial in the latest series  in which he is destined to bring a Balance to an unbalance situation with the aid of a dear friend and Guardian.

Our goal is to bring GG to the world ! We want to accomplish this four ways..

1) The continued animation process. With better computers and extended software to my existing ” Toon Boom” software , I can hire the junior artist needed to help animate more efficiently.

2) Publishing Our goal is to have the Best of GG The Marcella and Shanice series in paperback by June 2016

3) Improved Website and APP

4) Marketing  and Strategy

About Project Creator:

Ron Bryant

Began illustrating cartoons in 1988 for the East Carolina University Newspaper “The Idiom”.Later In 1989 moved to Atlanta and freelanced for the Atlanta Voice , The Atlanta Parent Magazine and New Age News. 1990 became self syndicated in over 60 African American Newspapers.1991 hired as editorial cartoonist for Emerge Magazine and created the comic strip “Dad and Company” In 1992 created and illustrated the Captain Luno coloring book for the American Cancer Society.By…


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