Geoo, the Future of Geo-Localization


Small and efficient tracking Stickers no longer belong to science fiction

The crowdfunding campaign for the device I will be speaking about was launched just a few days ago, and it really thrills us with the possibilities it has to offer. Nowadays we simply can´t avoid rushing from one place to another, and this can have consequences, like leaving some of our personal things behind. Wallet, phone or bag tend to be lost very easily, and can become a huge pain to recover.

This device I have very recently come across offers us the possibility of tracking it down, and with it, our belongings. Just imagine how easy it would be to flip open our phone and in the nick of time find where we left our lost bag or wallet. Sounds truly amazing doesn´t it? Well, it seems that it´s as simple as it sounds. The guys from Arkyne Technologies explain with plenty of information how this gadget works in their Indiegogo campaign, and it really seems to be a great tool for finding or pinning a certain location on a personal and private map. Some may put on doubt the real potential of this product, named Geoo, but price-wise it is the most attractive compared with some of the other ones out there, and it truly promises a great user experience. Speaking of money, they don´t charge anything additional other than the device itself. It may sound strange for me to mention this point, but as a matter of fact, all the other devices out there charge an amount of money every month for the service to work correctly.

After investigating a little bit about the manufacturing company in charge of this project, I have come across a Swiss company with several contacts in other countries. Furthermore, it´s compact design allow anyone to adapt a Geoo to their needs and the water and solid particle resistance (IP-65) proves it is a much more premium product though being part of the cheapest fraction of the tracking device market.

So if you are looking for a tracking sticker that works correctly and gives you a precise location for you to retrieve your possessions, and also comes into the market at a very low price compared with it´s own competition, I still haven´t found anything with similar features out there.


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