GECKO – 1$ Magnetic wireless charging for mobiles


Transform USB cables and power-banks into a magnetic wireless-style charging pod/data sync station.

What is Gecko?

Gecko is a magnetic wireless-style charger adapter for iPhone, Android and other Micro-USB powered devices.

Gecko is a simple three-piece kit:

Gecko Connector, a tiny plug for your Lightning or Micro-USB port. Gecko Adapter, a magnetic adapter for your existing sync/charge cable. Gecko Dongle, a small dongle that transforms all your power-banks or USB port in a convenient wireless-style charging station.

Both Connectors and Dongles auto align themselves and start charging instantly.

Gecko is small and thin enough to be applied to any smartphone with a Micro-USB port or a Lightning port. its adhesive surface will lock the connector directly to the mobile or on the bumper in a breeze. Thanks to our specialized micro-connector, Gecko is so small it will fit into any custom phone case so you don’t have to ditch your favorite phone cover.

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