“Based off our web series origin for “The Challenge (as seen in the video)” DEAD END is a short film that takes you back to where it all began, Sledge a loan wolf trying to write his wrongs. The death of his fiancé has made him into something that his city needs. He’s a misunderstood vigilante wanted for the murder of his fiancé. All the guilt of Brooklyns death hangs on his shoulders, as he try’s to find the killer responsible. Detectives Ronny Gunnerson and Anjelica Sky are on the hunt for THE CHALLENGER, as they believe the propaganda and they get in Sledges away.

This film is written & created by Andrew Di Pardo & Aramis Neal Pacitto.”

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Andrew Di Pardo

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Andrew Di Pardo is a multi-talented filmmaker and model. His preference is acting and modeling but he also has strengths in screenwriting and directing. Throughout the past five years Andrew alongside his friend Aramis Pacitto formed a production company called ‘Suit & Stubble Productions’ in which they’ve produced thirteen shorts and one feature film.
Recently he got a short film titled “Deep Trouble” where he Directed and Acted into two film festivals in North Carolina (2015 North Carolina Film awards & 2016 Eastern North Carolina Film Festival). Andrew also spent eighteen months at the Toronto Film School for writing and Acting prior to his move down to the United States of America in 2015, where he landed a Talent agent named Lindsay Bennett from T3 Talent.
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