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In participation with the University of Basel (https://dsbg.unibas.ch) some doctors established the organization “youdowell.com“, an online wellbeing instructing stage. In view of this experience they are currently building up an internet drilling stage concentrating only on diabetes, called db.coach.

Standard diabetes treatment is for the most part in view of dynamic drug utilization with perilous symptoms. Diabetes gets regarded as a dynamic, constant infection and unfortunately the today’s standard therapy is mostly based on: A progressive consumption of medication lifelong with devastating potential side effects. Studies clearly show that diabetes can be reversed by incorporating well designed nutrition and motion concepts. Not tackling root cause, but primarily treating symptoms. Studies demonstrate that diabetes can be turned around with the correct nourishment and movement ideas, yet in all actuality it for the most part flops because of absence of learning and general many-sided quality.

Db.coach application gives an individualized and versatile sustenance and wellness arrange, coordinates wellbeing markers, way of life information and imparts all diabetes-driven information to master to convey most effective treatment.

How does db.coach function?

  • Enlistment and Data Import: Patient registers and enters profile data into the framework
  • Investigation and Plan Generation: We dissect the data and give an individualized sustenance and movement arrange for, which can be changed whenever and is adjusting naturally
  • Information Tracking: We track, handle and unite information, for example, glucose values, sustenance admission, rest, stretch, and so on to empower client to dependably have the diagram about the advance
  • Tolerant – Expert Connection: We unite client and specialist through a coordinated master association device to streamline treatment adequacy by sharing information and permitting direct correspondence.

The funds collected from this crowd funding campaign will be used in the development of a web application which will eases diabetes management between patients and doctors to help reversing diabetes.
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