Buto and TP – Effective Alternative Way to Combat Superbugs!


We are very excited about Matinee’s products namely Buto and TP. Buto is a man’s tool to protect the hand during urination. TP is used as a regular bathroom tissue but with a polymer backing to prevent from breakage and any unpleasant moment.

It has been 9 months passed since Mars Bagacina and Dat Ly Nguyen started working on this project. Both of them are very passionate, critical, and excited about this new endeavour. It started one spring morning in March 2016, while Dat Ly was telling a story how most men do not their hands after they urinate according to CDC. Laughter filled the room. Mars stated, we need to find a solution to this jokingly. Both Dat Ly and Mars came up with ideas after ideas, and more ideas and until it was upgraded to now what is called Buto.

Buto is a hand tool for males that is used to protect the hand while urinating. It is a water dissolvable plastic, easy to use, after usage you toss it into the toilet, and no addition to the landfill. This will create a lifestyle change with men’s health and sanitation.

Mars and Dat Ly’s ideas did not stop there, it continued to grow. And of course because of Buto, it gave birth to TP (Tissue + Plastic).

TP is a tissue paper with a polymer backing, both men and women will use for whatever multiple purposes. TP will prevent breakage and wetting after wiping with urine, fecal mater, phlegm, and other bodily fluids that are infectious. In the near future it will come in different sizes, wet or dry, and also will come both biodegradable and water dissolvable. Isn’t it exciting!

Matinee LLC was formed on July 19, 2016, prior to that they were working side by side to get ready on how to patent: Buto and TP. Research was intensively done; sleepless nights with running and wondering minds was the game. Blasting and non-stop burning of mind energy. There is a reason to be excited! Matinee is happy to say that both Buto and TP are Patent Pending status. How awesome is that! The Founders would like to share their smiles and excitement because of these new and innovative products. Both of them are in the healthcare professions and has saw spread and effects of infections to the human body and the direct and indirect effects to the community and country as a whole.

It is not fun.

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The goals of Matinee Products (Buto and TP): 

  • To PREVENT spread of bugs and superbugs.
  • To improve CLEANLINESS in bathrooms.
  • To provide an eco-friendly products, because it is WATER DISSOLVABLE/BIODEGRADABLE and will not add to landfill.
  • Water efficient.
  • COST EFFECTIVE, especially with TP.
  • To provide TIME EFFICIENT and safe use of bathrooms and portable bathrooms.
  • To protect hand during urination.
  • Protect the hand from tissue breakage because it has polymer backing, increasing men’s and women’s protection.

Mars Bagacina has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $300,000. The fund raised will be used for the following expenses: Machines, raw materials, campaign/marketing fees, and other labor costs.


  • Not washing of hands after use of bathroom.
  • Improper hand washing.
  • Water and soap not available.
  • Time constraints.
  • Portable bathroom challenges.
  • Contamination of bacterias and viruses.

Thank you so much for any help you’re able to give. And please forward this campaign to anyone you think may be interested and willing to help.
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