BURY ME – An Earth Day Music Video


Endangered animals make a plea for the planet. Puppets made from recycled materials, stop-mo and animated characters comprise the cast.

Bury Me‘ is a music video project/directorial debut by M Erdman. Featuring puppets and animated characters made from recycled materials in stop motion and traditionally animated environments, to the song “Bury Me” by Great Caesar, an Axolotl, Fennec Fox, Polar Bear, Pangolin and Rhino all join this ensemble. This is a unique project, as it combines several animation types and styles with textured visuals and a somber reflection on what will happen if humans keep poaching, deforesting, polluting and relying far too heavily on fossil fuels when there are renewable energy sources from the sun and wind.

I’m going to be practicing conservational film making practices such as limiting needless waste like water bottles and coffee cups on set, making scenery and puppets out of recycled materials and using construction materials that are less toxic, such as Apoxie over other types of resins.

Here’s what I’ve done!

1. All the characters are built (thanks to donations of clothing and cardboard)

2. All the footage (stop motion and puppets) has been shot (Thanks to the University’s Arizona’s facilities, we were able to borrow tripods, green screens, Wacom tablets, cameras, lights, gels, and other grip equipment.

3. All the characters have been composited and animated!

4. Everything’s been GREEN! Meaning green production practices!

Film production is notoriously wasteful and we had little waste during the film shoot and made puppets, characters and sets out of reused materials or things other people have thrown away.

My Kickstarter goal is what I need to raise in order to recoup production expenses and pay everyone who worked on it.

About Project Creator:

Melissa Erdman is a 3rd year MFA student at the University of Arizona, interested in production design, scenic design and sustainable production practices, this projects is my directorial debut.

I approached a band from NYC that I have been a fan of for years and this project’s purpose is three fold ,

1) Present the species that face extinction in a way that may get people and children to respond.

2) Produce content in a sustainable way with major planning and thought gone into reducing waste.

3) Promote the music of an amazing and so far, undiscovered band.


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