AKA A Cappella VIII


AKA A Cappella VIII – the a cappella extravaganza you don’t want to miss!

AKA A Cappella is back! For our 20th anniversary, AKA A Cappella VIII will be held at the Singapore Conference Hall from 24th – 25th September 2016! So what can you expect at AKA VIII this September?
This year’s festival comprises 3 main components:-

  1. Workshops and Masterclasses;
  2. the inaugural Asia-Pacific A Cappella Championship League (APACCL); and
  3. Closing Gala Concert.

Asia-Pacific A Cappella Championship League

The regional competition is titled the Asia Pacific A Cappella Championships (APACCL), and will pit several invited regional a cappella groups, each champions in their own right, against one another to vie for the championship.

The judging panel will include various notable local representatives from the arts, music, and entertainment scene, as well as our international guest, Deke Sharon, who is hailed as the “godfather of contemporary a cappella”.

Deke was the vocal producer and on-set music director of the highly successful Pitch Perfect movie series and The Sing Off televised competition series.
Wildcard Rounds and Mentorship

Aside from the invited champions, local groups also stand a chance to compete as wildcard entries. These groups will receive mentorships from members of veteran a cappella groups, to help them gear up for the competition.
Closing Gala Showcase

After an intense competition, the festival will end with a more intimate concert, featuring local groups and groups awarded prizes in the APACCL. To give more groups a platform to showcase their work, we are presently planning to also showcase local groups that did not participate in the competition, but are participating in the workshops or masterclasses.
About D-ACA.org

Welcome to D-ACA.org. We are an agency specialising in a cappella groups within Singapore. If you’re an organisation looking to hire a group, or an a cappella group looking for performance opportunities, contact us via e-mail at contact_us@d-aca.org.

We’re glad to see you here. This year, D-ACA.org has the great privilege and honour of organising AKA A Cappella VIII, which is having its 20th anniversary this year.
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