Africa Conservation Adventure EAST AFRICA 2017


An epic photograhic expedition through 5 African countries to raise awareness on wildlife protection

Do You know that wildlife in Africa is at risk? Elephants are in trouble: their population in Tanzania alone has decreased about 60% in the past 5 years. Just 20.000 lions remain in all of Africa! Our plan: promoting key grassroot conservation projects throughout East Africa by documenting the benefits of conservation through our photographic expedition. Our aim is to raise awareness on an international level the urgent need to protect lions, gorillas and fight the illegal Ivory trade.

The Issue

As human population continues to grow there is an increasing loss of natural habitats as human settlements invade the wilderness areas forcing wildlife to congregate in smaller ones and the human-wildlife conflict increases. Additionally the sudden rise of economies in South East Asia has caused a great demand for perceived luxury goods such as Ivory ornaments, wild animal artifacts (Lion bones, pangolin scales, gorilla hands) and alternative medicines (rhino horns) which has fuelled the illegal wildlife trade.

The loss of habitat, the increase of human-wildlife conflict and the growing wildlife trade are the major threats facing Africa’s iconic wildlife species.

  • It’s estimated that an elephant is shot for ivory every 15 minutes
  • Lions now only occupy 8% of their historic natural range and overall population has decreased by 43%.
  • Mountain Gorillas are classified as critically endangered with an approximate total population less than 1000 individuals.

New reports have recently shocked the scientific communities with the extent of the loss of giraffes and cheetahs throughout Africa.

These headlines are becoming much too frequent and the future is ominous for African wildlife if current trends don’t change.

We believe there is hope for a brighter future for Africa’s wildlife but we need to make a change now in whichever way possible. Africa Conservation Adventure is our way to make this change.

The Photobook

Composed of a combination of both of our top wildlife and landscape photographs from the trip. These are all taken with a professional photographic approach (of course we are wildlife photographers) and our own personal photographic styles evident throughout the book. Top quality materials will be used to do our pictures justice and to guarantee quality.

About Project Creator:

Andrea Pompele

Wildlife Photographer | Professional Safari Guide | Bush Camp Manager | Explorer | Conservationist | Behavioural Biolosist and Ecologist

I grew up in the middle of the western Alps, surrounded by a wonderful nature, incredible pine forests and the highest peak of mountains: the Mont Blanc. I am passionate about nature since I was a little kid, I studied evolutionary biology at university, kept my interests in ethology and I specialised in ecology.

My passion: African wildlife. I am a wildlife photographer and professional safari guide, I’m a Safari camp manager and explorer. Protecting wildlife is the purpose of my life.

We became Brand ambassadors of 2 different types of sunglasses. they contacted us and we will bring the shades with us during the expedition.

Here there are the links of the brands:

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