A New Testament Gospera


A movie-musical based on the four gospels of the New Testament; 26 original scores, hip-hop, pop, rhythm&blues, and light rock genres.

In a musical based on the four gospels of the New Testament, a modern day missionary has a traumatic experience that magically teleports her 2000-years backwards in time. To her surprise, she encounters the world renown Messiah. A man who challenges the injustice and oppression inflicted by evil men who rule with an iron fist with a message of love, peace, and forgiveness as his weapons of choice. But will the Messiah’s mission be compromised by an unprecedented 21st century way of thinking?

A New Testament Gospera is a feature film comprised of 26 original scores consisting of mild Hip-Hop, Pop, Rhythm & Blues, and Light Rock genres. Each scene is similar to a music video segment just waiting to happen. Performed in sequence, they convey the gospel story in a whole new way!

About Project Creator:

DeeDowningDee Downing

I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. I spent most of my adult life composing music and writing stories as a hobby. My idols were Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber (musical theater) and the (late) Rev. Andre Crouch (who had the uncanny ability to mix gospel lyrics to a variety of contemporary music genres).

After being downsized from corporate america – banking (2009) and a major spinal operation a few years after that followed by a year of physical therapy… and a few years of what I think was a form of depression…. all my ambition in life was gone (after that operation)…

I finally figured, why not try to do something I’ve always dreamt of doing? So, I began studying film making online in 2014…. http://filmschoolonline.com/ and attended a few seminars, here and there.

One of the most unexpected discoveries about film making hit me like a ton of bricks! An actual college degree (in film making) is practically worthless. There are no jobs in the film industry that require a college degree in film making. Hence, learning to make a movie is a lot like learning to drive. You can go to driving school to learn but no one really cares. A parent can teach you to drive, just as effectively. In like manner, making movies has its own “Rules of the Road” that all filmmakers follow. It does not matter how you learn them. The only differences in films are the stories being told and the budgets. Every filmmaker recognizes the rules being followed (and creative techniques) when watching movies.

Famous directors who never attended film school include: Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho), Steven Spielberg (Jurassic Park), George Lucus (Star Wars), Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather), Martin Scorsese (The Aviator), Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction), The Wachowskis (The Matrix), James Cameron (Aliens), Wes Craven (A Nightmare On Elm Street), and Christopher Nolan (Batman) just to name a few. If you search their Wikipedia pages, you won’t find any film schools listed. Believe it or not, they just got out there and started making. With this new found knowledge (and the company of other filmmakers), I’m ready to produce my first movie project inspired by my two idols: Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Rev. Andre Crouch.

I am currently teamed with a film industry market place called Slated. Here, industry professionals of every aspect of moviemaking (i.e., actors, directors, agents, producers, film crew personnel, production crew personnel, etc.) search for projects and collaborations after the project is financed (the have investors, too). I am in the process of building a team, mostly through Slated resources.

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