A JOURNALIST – Crossing Bridges


A Journalist finds redemption while assisting Intelligence Agents on the pursuit of Justice.

Paris, April 2005 – On this international plot, CIA Operatives and INTERPOL Agents investigate a heroin cartel run under the cover of an upscale JAZZ CLUB.

Our Journalist, who works in Paris with a prestigious INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAPER, joins forces with the Intelligence Agents. She goes undercover as a singer at the Parisian club to track down and bring to justice the man behind the drug trade, a most wanted Serb war criminal.

Unexpected events will lead them on a new mission. The dramatic odyssey takes them from France to the Netherlands, Argentina, the US and back to the scene of her traumatic experience in Bosnia.

In this quest for justice we see our journalist going beyond her limits to seek the truth and in the process she learns that one can forgive without forgetting.

My Story

The inspiration for this concept came as a result of my own life’s circumstances. How things dramatically changed for me in 2001, when 9/11 happened in NYC.

It was September 2001 and I was living in Boca Ratón, Florida. I was in the process of interviewing with Architectural firms for a new position and had just purchased a new apartment; things looked promising. But on September 11 of that year a major event in NYC occurred, altering directly or indirectly people’s lives.

For me the interviewing process immediately stopped. People had other priorities.

So I had to take a look at my new panorama. I realized it was the end of a cycle. It was time to let go.

I decided then to fulfill a long time dream: to live in Paris and learn French. On January 2nd 2002 I flew to Paris.

Once there, I registered at the Alliance Françese for French classes and looked to rent an apartment. I found a lovely studio on the 7th District. In February I was all set. This choice brought me to be at the right place at the right time to meet the right people who would mentor my vision.

Life had created for me a new situation, had emptied my hands so that I could receive something new. That new thing was the idea for what today is A Journalist, born on March 14th 2002.

From that instant on I took every step to  bring this project to completion. I didn’t know how long the process was going to take, but I was willing to do all the necessary homework. That meant returning to the US, this time to Los Angeles. There I worked as an Architect during the day and pursued training on writing, acting, singing in the evenings and on weekends. I learned as much as I could about film-making related activities.

On January 2016, inspired by this film series, I became an accredited freelance international Journalist.

I never give up on something I believe in. So now, after 14 years and many life’s circumstances, I feel ready to take this step.

Initially I did some attempts to attach Talent in order to obtain funding, but those I was able to reach were busy with  projects of their own, so I decided to look for funding myself. That is why I’ve created an International Team with highly qualified Members who value this film project, to work together on this effort.

With funding in hand we can look for experienced Filmmakers that are available and interested on working on this project.

About Project Creator:

Graciela Busignani

Architect, Screenplay Writer, Actress, Composer, Singer

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Ms. Busignani graduated with a degree in Architecture in her native Argentina at the National University of Tucuman.

Her work experience includes projects in Argentina, the Republic of San Marino and the United States, where she lived for 20 years, working with major Architectural firms and also pursuing the Arts.

Ms. Busignani has been involved in the performing arts since early in life, as a classical ballet dancer and as a singer/songwriter. She was a regular performer at a Lounge in South Florida.

In Los Angeles she trained as an actress, studied vocal technique, speech and also attended script writing workshops.

She performed in Film, Theater, Television and also Commercials. Ms. Busignani starred in the film “Consumed” which showed at the Hollywood Film Festival in 2005.

Since 2013 Ms. Busignani lives in Germany. She is working on creating quality and inspiring films.

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